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This Page features the blogs of 3 of TMI's members, click the relevant link to take you to their page. All links open in an external site

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 Familiarity can breed contempt and from time to time we do need to be reminded of the richness of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors right outside our front door. John's vanhalla blog, reminds us of the beauty of Ireland,
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The Backwards Van

Elizabeth & William detail their trips here, Favourite things are not things but places including Donegal, Barra and Yorkshire so far. Hiker, hill walker, hummer, hot water bottle fan and sometimes unnecessarily scardy-cat. Things on To Do list include seeing as much of our country of Ireland as possible,
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Pamela, Johnny and their little dog Mossy, are from Ireland They travel around to campsites and Aires recording their adventures on their vlog,

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