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The Fairy Tree Motorhome Park,

A new year and a new start for us all, but 2022 will be a special year for fellow member, Chris Orr, owner of The Fairy Tree Motorhome park in Co. Fermanagh, close to Enniskillen, Lisbellaw and Carrybridge,
Chris plans to open on March 1st this year, and if you go to the Facebook page, you'll see just how much work has gone into getting this new spot for Motorhomers up & running, To keep up to date with important dates and events, just go to the Fairy Tree page, and click like, that way you will get notified as & when Chris updates us approaching the opening date.
Hopefully Chris will get lots of support from TMI'ers and further afield, I'll be adding this new place to our maps, and members owned spots, on the website, and I have a feeling this will become a popular spot for TMI'ers to visit.,



The Fairy Tree Motorhome Park,
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