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​TMI & Circle K have come together to offer the members of TMI discount off the pump price at all Circle K stations throughout Ireland, Over 420 in all. The deal incudes the following,

  • 3 cent per litre off pump – ROI 

  • 2 pence per litre off pump – NI 

  • 30% off Car Wash @ company owned locations only

  • Weekly Invoicing + 7 Days Credit

  • Payment By Direct Debit Only

  • No Set up fee

  • No Card issuing fee

  • No replacement fee

  • No Card insurance fee

To apply for the Circle K fuel card, just click the logo below and that will take you straight to the online application 

NB Whilst the Circle K card can be used at all Circle K locations across the island of Ireland, due to the currency exchange protocols, it is strongly suggested that you only use your card, in the currency area you reside in. Using a Sterling issued card in ROI, may result in any fuel savings being nullified because of the currency exchange rates.

Click the Circle K Logo to apply

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