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City Limeworks MH Parking


located behind Guineys There is a large public pay and display park behind the shop the motorhome park is over to the right of the park you open the gate park up put the fee for your stay in an envelope with your registration and leave it with the butchers shop ( John Joe Cullen) on the main street There is access to water toilet emptying facilities and loads of room for many Van's with parking indicated with numbers around the walls. Its 10 euros per night the only down side I could find was the park is between a hotel and a pub there maybe some noise when closing time gets back to normal but its walled of and looks very safe to me If he was to do well I think he might even put in more facilities. He's a motorhomer himself. Contact Joe on +353831995777 for any queries
DO 7/7/21

Open All Year
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City Limeworks MH Parking
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