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The Ceili House


A halfway house at the Ceili House,
Spoke to Tom the owner, all I can say is, a gentleman. Tom welcomes Motorhomers to stay with him. £20 per night, includes your black/grey empty, fresh water, EHU. A Motorhome Park with a pub available, an authentic style Bar tucked away in the heart of Ely Lodge Co Fermanagh. There are forest walks on your doorstep, an art gallery/studio next door, and boat tours on Lough Erne from Enniskillen can be arranged on request. The location is very handy for an overnight rest stop, if travelling North-South and vice versa. Great to have another spot in Fermanagh, surrounded by peace and quiet.
So, if you fancy somewhere quiet, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest, a site owner named Tom, who will gladly chat away for hours, this is your spot.
Ignore the "Temporarily Closed" tag on google, Tom is most definitely open for visitors and patrons.

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The Ceili House
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