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Creevy Pier Hotel

we moved to the Creevy Pier Hotel car park for the second night. We met the Hotel manager Keith McBride. He was also very friendly and allowed us access to water at the rear of his premises, and offered milk for our puppy.We then enjoyed one of the nicest meals we’ve had anywhere and at very reasonable price too.Keith said campers are welcome to park up there anytime so I told him I would give him a mention on totalmotorhomeIreland. the pier itself is grand for parking on but at high tide a lot of families arrive with their children all geared up for pier jumping. The pier can get a little crowded then and the MH can take up sometimes a needed space for a disabled person. So to be courteous I would recommend MHs park at the Hotel. There is plenty of room there, and an outside tap although I would ask before using it. There are outside toilets also but they are closed at the moment. The Manager Keith McBride is very welcoming to MHs. There is also a little car park about 300 mtrs opp the pier which can hold approx 3 MHs if one was stuck, but it's mainly meant for cars, SMG 14/7/20


Creevy Pier Hotel
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