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The Snail Box

The Snailbox is a traditional restaurant and venue just off the N2. We’re often asked where it gets its name? The area where we are situated at Kilmoon was originally common ground, and in 1846, a man travelling on the road, by the name of James Clark (a hedge school teacher known locally as Jem, who carried his home on his back) decided to set up this home on this piece of land. Over a period of time, he built a wall around his home, from local stone, which can still be seen on the premises to this day. As time went on the local landowners tried to have him removed from the commonage but failed. Eventually they took a court action against him, but the judge of the day likened Jem to snail - He carries his home on his back and wherever he decides to stop shall be his home!


The Snail Box
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