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Certified Location

For Northern Ireland Residents Only

Live in Northern Ireland? Ever thought of setting up a small motorhome/caravan site? Had nightmares around planning issues? How much land do I need? Where can I find out more?

Total Motorhome Ireland has recently been authorised by the Department of Infrastructure, to issue Certified Location (CL) certificates to relevant sites that have been inspected and approved by Total Motorhome Ireland. 

What is a CL?

A CL is a small site for a maximum of 5 units, Motorhomes and/or caravans. No Tents, that can stay for recreational purposes, up to a maximum of 28 days. Some organisations that issue CL Certificates, stipulate that it's for use by their members only, a CL certificate issued by Total Motorhome Ireland, allows for not only our members but for members of other organisations, to stay on your site, for recreational purposes, subject to prior notification to and agreement of Total Motorhome Ireland.


Will I need Planning Permission?

Whilst a CL certificate negates the requirement for local planning permission from your council to provide the parking areas, any building works, electrical works, septic tank, etc, may require planning. It is up to you to check with your local planning office what permission is required.

How Much Land will I need?

To allow for a maximum of 5 Motorhomes or Caravans, half an acre should suffice. Ideally level ground with a hardcore surface, allow for 6 metres between each pitch. 


Where Next?

If you have some land to develop into a CL and want to be certified by an authorised organisation, email us at with your query, and we'll get back to you.

What happen's after the CL Certificate is issued?

Once a CL certificate has been issued by us, we inform the Department of Infrastructure, for their registration, who in turn informs your local planning office for their information.

How Much does a CL certificate cost?

The simple answer is, nothing. Although the representative from Total Motorhome Ireland that carries out the inspection may want a cup of coffee or tea to quench the thirst. 

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