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fire safety stick video

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With a 50 Second Discharge Time, Once activated, the extinguisher releases a harmless Potassium Nitrate gas. Use it to fight the fire or leave it in place to aid your escape.

The Fire Safety Stick is a compact, portable, and easy-to-use fire suppression device that utilizes advanced technology to swiftly extinguish fires of all major categories. It is suitable for use in all sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive settings, making it a versatile solution for fire safety. The Fire safety Stick has a 15 Year Shelf life. Contains no harmful by Products, easily recycled and leaves no harmful residue.

The Fire Safety Stick is the perfect replacement for the Fire Extinguisher in your Motorhome. At only 215 grams, its lighter, takes up less storage, and with a 15 year shelf life due to being a sealed unit with no components that can fail 

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TH Safety and Total Motorhome Ireland have come together to offer the members of TMI a discount on the Fire Safety Stick. To get your discount across the entire store, visit the TH safety Shop page by clicking the logo below, and entering TMI10 at the checkout. Please allow 15 working days for delivery. 

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